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Action speaks louder than words...

One of the most difficult lessons that I have had to learn, that my family as a whole has had to learn, is that people often say things easily but if you give them time, you will see that their actions just don't back up what they preach. It seems to be, or rather feels like, the new normal now. When it comes to these veteran families and the young futures that so many of them are protecting and trying to create, that should be something that is unacceptable to all of us.

The petition that Keep Our Vets Housed has written, is so much more important than many seem to understand. We need to at least get to the 1k signatures before really any representative anywhere will take it seriously. Inside the petition, we have spelled out what we want to happen now and what we need to right these horrible wrongs. It is the regulations and policies that are treating VA backed home loans that are the problem...well one of the biggest problems (there are many for us homeowners with little to no help or options for veterans and their families) as we have personally seen these past few years. Homeowners who were desperately trying to save their home and fight lenders, banks, etc..before COVID ultimately were/are screwed because even now non of the options available include us. And for all of us, adding the Cares Act forbearance payments to our existing mortgage payments, guarantees we lose our home.

Policies, regulations and better repayment options are necessary NOW to save home and lives. We need your help. Please sign and share the petition, it costs nothing but a moment of your time. These families deserve to be supported and fought for, wont you help?

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