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Emergency Fundraiser Today and tomorrow

We are throwing an emergency fundraiser today and tomorrow to help keep a veteran and his service dog off the streets. As with all of my families supporting KOVH, this veteran is a 40% disabled veteran who is losing his home to foreclosure on Sept 27th. We have to help get him in to safe and affordable housing closer to his job now. He is currently working full time and driving three hours from home every day to his job.

I have said for so long that this was going to happen and will continue to do so unless we stand p and take a stand. Lives, not just homes, are on the line. The fact that so many are so comfortable with letting veterans go homeless because they know there are programs and organizations to help them once they are, is insane and horrific. If the millions and millions now at risk of homelessness due to the covid forbearances ending and no plans or affordable programs in place to help VA backed mortgages keep their homes and stay housed, are allowed to go homeless, this country will be in a homeless pandemic like no other. Its cruel, its domestic terrorism and its wrong. Please help us help this veteran and make sure you sign the petition.

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