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Financial and increasing debts are a HUGE factor in the growing mental health crisis. Housing and staying housed has to be a national priority.

From kovh's earliest days i have been a broken record on the importance of tackling the underlying factors to daily increasing veteran family suicide stats, including: mental health, veteran family homeless crisis, the lack of respect and support and access to programs for veteran families as a whole, etc.. Over the years I have shared my personally family's struggles and gross treatment by nonprofits and the state of California, but i have also shared the research and findings as i have spent every day since November 2014 asking questions no one else wanted to ask and writing about the findings which still blow my mind.

Financial distress combined with the increasing cost of living and debts that are so difficult to get out from under is directly tied to mental health and the feeling that there is no hope nor any other options nor reason to carry on any longer. And doing nothing but sugar coat the stats and bandaid the problem only makes things worse. So, here is some cliff notes to all i have championed over the years, and hope that now more than ever you will consider supporting KOVH as we are the only nonprofit strictly focused on ending all veteran foreclosures and preventing future ones from ever happening. Housing, and the right to stay housed in the very same country you put your life on the line for should never be a war any veteran family has to fight. But here we are .

Financial distress, including foreclosure, is a well-documented risk factor for veteran suicide, but it's important to understand the complexity of the issue. Here's a breakdown:

  • Strong Correlation: Studies show a clear link between financial problems and suicidal ideation (thoughts) and attempts in veterans

  • Not the Sole Factor: While financial hardship is significant, other factors like mental health issues, relationship problems, and substance abuse often play a larger role

  • Stress Multiplier: Foreclosure can be a major stressor, adding to existing mental health struggles and leading to feelings of hopelessness and isolation.

  • Impact on Overall Well-being: Difficulty affording basic necessities, losing a home, and the shame associated with financial problems can significantly impact a veteran's overall well-being.

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