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Happy Birthday to the US Army

Today June 14th the KOVH Family would like to wish the men and women of the US Army a warm Happy birthday. Formed in the early days of the American Revolution on this day in 1775, the Second Continental Congress official created The Continental Army who under the leadership of then future President George Washington would go on to defeat the British Army at Yorktown in 1781. While the Continental Army was disbanded for a short time the states maintained an organized militia until the formation of the Federal Army in 1789.

From its early days the US Army had been consistently formed of men and women who have volunteered to serve and protect their country. Only in extreme circumstances have we had to use a draft for the Army. While the US Army has seen many changes in its long history it has given rise to its sister branch The US Air Force as well as seen State Militias become todays National Guard. The US Army has also provided us with many US Presidents, and US and State Politicians throughout its history.

So today on its 249th Birthday Happy Birthday and from all of us at KOVH we look forward to your safe return.


For more on the history of The US Army please visit


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