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Happy Wednesday!

It is too easy to get caught up in looking at low post and visitor counts, or how so few are interacting now with posts, tweets, etc, and want to give up. Sometimes, more often than not, I have felt like it is me against the world. My own family is in the trenches of the foreclosure crisis, put in a hell like no other long before the covid19 pandemic. We know more than most, what isn't working, hasn't worked, and predicted as far back as 2015, the current state of housing crisis that veterans would face if nothing changed. Nothing did, and the holes that my own family found itself held prisoner in, are now the very same ones that so many other veteran homeowners and their families are facing. The only real difference is that the very forbearances that were created during a global pandemic, are now the biggest contributor to veterans being unable to afford their mortgages.

Over the years, I have heard so many people, not in our shoes, casting out excuses about the growing out of control homeless crisis, parroting false info and underestimated facts and counts, because it makes them feel better about doing helps them sleep at night. This issue, be it a veteran side of the housing crisis or the general public, is one that a country bragging how wealthy and great it has been and is should be doing. When we can send billions overseas to humanitarian missions and efforts, and millions on immigrants and refugees, while doing nothing to reduce the cost of living and make housing more affordable and easier to keep, there's a problem. A big one, and now, millions upon millions are and will continue to be forced into poverty, homelessness, and to take their lives as options, support, and access to resources continue to be the main problem.

Congressional representatives have gotten so caught up in hating on each other, spreading their own personal vies and agendas as facts and truths, while doing nothing to address to the housing crisis veterans and their families are facing. Shame on them all. Campaign promises and political party agendas have come before the people for far too long, and every single election, on every level is a rinse and repeat time after time. Nothing, however actually gets fixed or changed. We, the veteran families and our veteran spouses, have had enough. Regardless of what your personal opinion and feelings are and were about the covid19 pandemic, life across the globe is forever changed and in addition to billions losing their lives, millions into billions a re now struggling to make ends meet and get by,

Now forced to work three and four jobs, online and off, just to pay for the same utilities and bills they were barely affording before, veterans and their families are in desperate need for this country to now step up and help them..answer their call for help, just as they did each and every time they were called upon to do their duty. We are talking about the very same brave men and women who are the very reasons we have the luxury of living our lives the way we do.

My own family has been held hostage, fighting to keep our home and stay Housed, since 2014. We know all too well, the physical and mental health issues that stem from fighting such a one sided war. Let's be real, this is exactly that. A war. Those of us who barely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck, are now having to beg for people to donate to their fundraisers, apply for state programs they somehow make too much to qualify for, all while being told they dont make enough to make bbn the pandemic payments ontop of our mortgages. As if somehow we manifested the pandemic, it's our fault.

This is my life, this is my mission. This is my every day job. To raise awareness, support and resources for our veterans and their families, and keep them safe in their homes. But I cannot do this without your support. Please sign the petition, subscribe to our various platforms, and help me get the word out there.

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