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Illinois veteran in crisis fundraiser update!

I absolutely love yall so much its unreal. Thanks you to guys showing up the last two days, we have raised all but 320.00 of the goal we set for the house our veteran has lined up. Before anyone asks, yes this veteran has been fully vetted and the lease was sent over so we could see the details. This amazing veteran has been making a three hour drive to his job, followed by the same three hour drive back home, which is the same home being foreclosed on this coming September 25th. He has been aggressively trying to find something to rent, but as with all of our KOVH veteran families in crisis, when you go from serving to civilian and live most of your time through now with family and friends or in the home you are now losing, you lack the 6 months of positive payments rental properties require to let your rent.

While I understand why they have the requirements they do, it is a huge and devastating thing for veterans and veteran families who are already struggling to face. They are faced with staying and trying to keep their homes, or going homeless and praying for a miracle that wont have them and their families living in their vehicle for very long. For too long I have sat through one persona after another claiming these veterans are lazy and don't want to work or help themselves, that they want to be out on the street, or that they don't want the help being offered to them and therefor deserve nothing. This is simply not true. The veteran we are currently trying to help, has been handed a series of life events that he neither asked for, nor could have planned for. How many of us have experienced that?! After numerous attempts to find someplace closer to his new job, he found that without a history of positive rental payments, he was at a loss which meant that he and his service dog were going to be homeless if they didn't find help and support by the date of foreclosure.

Keep Our Vets Housed (KOVH), was begun in 2014, when my own family began the nightmare battle of housing, which is why this movement and mission is so important to me. We are 320.00 dollars away from helping this veteran and his service dog secure housing. Today, I am going live on my @keep_our_veterans_housed account to try and raise the last of this money to make sure we get this done. These are real veterans, who gave this country so much through their service, and deserve to be fought for. If you can donate, share, follow and help us get the word out, KOVH and our veteran in crisis would greatly appreciate it. I know that together we can get this done, get this veteran housed, and give him a chance to get his life back on track.

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