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KOVH First Annual Christmas Auction - Going on now!

Hey hey Friends, family and amazing supporters! Its that time of year, and KOVH is decking the halls of hope and justice by holding its very first annual Christmas auction. Over the last year, KOVH and its growing list of amazing supporters and donors, has helped veterans and veteran families. Now, KOVH is asking for your help in helping to ensure that our mission, our purpose, our fight for justice and urgently needed change can continue. We cannot do it without your help.

While our overhead and operating costs are so much less than that of others, this self funded direct action movement depends on the support of its "Angels" and fellow patriots so that we can continue raisig awareness, running our livestreams, getting the facts and information, as well as crucial support to our veteran families now in desperate need for this country to stand beside them and help them some congressional and governmental wrongs that will continue to plague our american heroes and their families unless these changes are put in place and justice served.

KOVH's monthly costs include the following:

$34 a month for the KOVH website

$19 a month Restream services

$40 per mnth on shipping and postage

$10 Software (Canva)

**Most if not all of the materials KOVH uses to create items and merch to sell, has been donated or purchased for us off our Amazon wishlist. **

Please help KOVH continue her fight to spread hope, support, awareness, and awareness by donating,sharing our posts and lives, and helping in every way you can every time you can. This is a huge and vital undertaking that is far bigger and more important than most realize, something easy to do when its not you or your family being held hostage by lenders who are just following regulations. These veterans...these veteran families have more than earned their thanks, respect, and for this country to stand up for and help fight to protect them jst as they did when called upon every time they were asked to perform their duties to protect and serve this country in her time of need.

Find the auction here:

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