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KOVH Sunday Salute - This Sunday we proudly salute Anthony Triplett Jr

This Sunday, we shine a well-deserved spotlight on a remarkable combat Army Veteran, Anthony Triplett Jr, whose journey of service has taken a profound turn towards community empowerment. With a proud 9-year military tenure, including two tours in Afghanistan, Anthony's commitment to serving his country evolved into a passionate dedication to uplifting his local community.

A devoted father to two beautiful daughters, Anthony faced the challenges of transitioning from military life to civilianhood, and it was during this process that he discovered a new mission. Determined to provide fellow veterans with a renewed sense of purpose, Anthony channeled his energy into protecting our most precious assets—our children.

Inspired by events in Uvalde, TX, in May 2022, Anthony took independent and proactive action. Incorporating "Veteran Overwatch" into his nonprofit endeavors, he committed to ensuring the safety of his kids' schools and, in doing so, found the ultimate purpose for himself and other veterans facing similar struggles.

Anthony's organization, "AIADW" (All In A Days Work), operates on a unique ethos. While working closely with schools, law enforcement, and communities, it stands out as a beacon of grassroots dedication. Unlike many nonprofits, AIADW doesn't rely on grants or government funding. Instead, it is entirely fueled by the support of the community—small donations, tips, coffee, and merchandise sales.

Beyond his vigilant work with Veteran Overwatch, Anthony extends his support to help other organizations across the nation establish themselves within their communities. His altruism knows no bounds, with efforts ranging from organizing free events like open mic nights and car shows to mentoring and engaging in various community-building initiatives.

In the face of challenges, Anthony Triplett Jr has become a beacon of inspiration, proving that every veteran has the power to forge a new path and make a lasting impact on the communities they call home. Today, we salute Anthony for his unwavering commitment, selflessness, and the extraordinary sense of purpose he brings to both his veteran peers and the broader community.

Thank you Trip for all of your years of service, and for the outstanding and amazing work you do each and every day. Not only are you helping to change lives, but your commitment and passion for the younger generations you strive to protect and inspire. KOVH is proud to be a community partner with you, on this Sunday we proudly salute you!

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Becca Lacek
Becca Lacek
Dec 31, 2023

Absolutely love this! #KOVH and #AIADW doing great things.

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