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Meet Army veteran "Trip" and his exciting and Groundbreaking Mission!

My name is Trip. I'm an Army veteran, I was in for 9 years as a Combat Engineer prior to being medically retired as a Staff Sergeant. I was deployed twice to Afghanistan. I'm a Dad to my two beautiful girls! I have gone through struggles especially leaving the military and I want to share my experience so that I can help other veterans who may be going through similar things.

My goal is to provide a new sense of purpose to our veterans by protecting our most precious, our kids. After the events In Uvalde, TX in May of 2022 I independently decided to take action. I decided to be proactive in protecting, by watching over my kids school and realizing this is the ultimate purpose for me and other veterans like myself. I incorporated Veteran Overwatch into my Nonprofit and never looked back.

I support and give my time to help other organizations across the country get established within their own communities. I give my time and efforts to my community in as many ways as I can with free events like open mic nights ,car shows, mentoring, etc. While AIADW does work closely with the schools and other law enforcement, and dong this provides me and others a new sense of purpose, unlike other nonprofits, this organization does not receive any grants or government funding and is entirely supported and funded by small donations, tips, coffee and merch sales. Please check out the website for more information, and if possible to see how you can help support All in a Days Work.

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