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One of the most often asked questions is this one - How Do i find out who my state legislators are. Here's how!

Finding your state legislators can be easily done through various online resources. Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Use Online Directories:

  • Websites like Open States ( or Ballotpedia ( provide comprehensive information on state legislators. You can search for your state and find a list of current representatives and senators.

  1. State Legislature Website:

  • Visit the official website of your state legislature. Most state legislatures have an online directory or a "Find Your Legislator" tool. You can typically enter your address or ZIP code to identify your representatives.

  1. Google Search:

  • A simple Google search with terms like "find my state legislators" followed by your state's name should lead you to official tools or directories. Many states have dedicated pages for this purpose.

  1. Contact Your County Clerk:

  • In some cases, your county clerk's office may have information about your state legislators. They can guide you on how to find this information, and some may provide online resources.

  1. Use Apps or Mobile Tools:

  • Some apps or websites are designed to help you find and connect with your representatives. These tools often use your location to identify your state and local legislators.

  1. Check Voter Registration Confirmation:

  • If you have recently registered to vote, your confirmation or registration documents may include information on your state legislators. Check the documents you received during the voter registration process.

  1. Visit Legislative Assembly Websites:

  • Each state has its legislative assembly website. For example, if you are in California, you can visit the California State Legislature website. These sites typically have tools to help you identify your representatives.

  1. Local Library or Government Offices:

  • Your local library or government offices may have resources to help you find your state legislators. They might provide pamphlets or online access to legislative directories.

  1. Use Social Media:

  • Many legislators have official social media profiles. You can search for your representatives on platforms like Twitter or Facebook, where they often share updates and information.

  1. Ask Neighbors or Local Community Groups:

  • Your neighbors or local community groups may have information about state legislators. Joining local community forums or attending meetings can be a way to gather such information.

Remember to verify the information you find by checking official sources to ensure accuracy. Legislative districts and representatives can change, so it's a good idea to use the most up-to-date resources available.

Sending them frequent emails and tweets, tagging them in your social media posts are all ways you can keep them advised and aware of your concern for how your state is or is not handling housing for its veterans. SO often the focus is on the homeless veterans, and we should be concerned and disgusted at the growing number being added to our state totals, BUT preventing veterans and their families from losing their homes not only saves the city and county money that could be spent elsewhere and on other things, but also sworks to slow the spread of more being added.

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