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Our Goal Was Met

Updated: Jun 17

To Our KOVH friends and family as you know we recently undertook the task of helping Thompson Family our June Veteran Family of the month. We had three goals that were placed before us the last two weeks. The first goal was to make sure that their little one Jayce got to celebrate his 1st birthday and the family could have a nice day focusing on their little one. The second was to make sure that the family had some of their basic needs met so that they could take a breath while looking for new jobs to replace the ones they had just lost. Thanks to you all, we successfully accomplished the first two goals in the first week.

The third goal was to raise enough money to help the family cover the utilities that needed to be paid for by July 10th. After a second week of fundraising, you again came through and helped us raise enough to help the family pay the bill that was coming due. This effort would not have been possible without all of you amazing people who came together to help us raise the funds that we raised over the two weeks to help this family that never asked us to do anything other than listen and help them find resources in their area that they could reach out to.

While this is our first family that we have helped under the banner of the KOVH Foundation it will not be the last. And the lesson learned from the last few weeks is that a small group of people can come together and pull off a small miracle to help a family who needed to see hope restored to there family. So family and friends we cannot Thank You enough for all you do week after week to help us reach our goals to make a difference in the lives of the Veteran Families that come to KOVH looking for help connecting to resources that they can reach out to for help.

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