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Updated: Jul 7, 2023

As KOVH continues to grow, evolve, expand, and become more well known, it was clear that the way we were doing things before and how we were doing them was no longer going to work for us or the families we are forever committed to fighting for. From it's first days, Keep Our Vets Housed was bigger than even I knew it would be, there was no way I could have foreseen the COVID19 pandemic, nor the veteran families that would forever be changed by its occurrence. Families who had already given so much to this country, thrown into the dark and cold shadows of the country they once served and still in so many ways, still serve.

The idea that just because the government has used and abused you, before sending you off on your own with your DD214, somehow makes you any less relevant or respected and loved, is a sad one. Yet today, as we continue to see, this country is allowing those whose job it is to represent and work in the best interest of not just our veterans and their families but all people. who call this country home. The pandemic paved the way for veterans and their families to not only drown in growing debt issues as job losses and the rising cost of goods and services continued on, but for many families much like my own, the pauses on mortgages while wonderful in theory, all but guaranteed financial distress and home loss once those payments became due (depending of course in the lender/bank you have your mortgage with). What was a horrific nightmare for the last 7+ years for my family, has now become a terrifying nightmare for thousands of others.

KOVH is dedicated and committed to raising awareness, fighting to creating the long overdue changes that need to be put in place including forming an veteran run oversight (government recognized) committee to audit and oversee defaulted mortgages to ensure lenders are adhering to the laws and regulations while also offering every possible option to help keep veterans and their families in their homes and off our city streets. KOVH is also committed to raising support and resources for these amazing families. If you haven't already, please considering becoming an KOVH angel and signing the petition, joining our discord channel and facebook group, and supporting KOVH on all our social media platforms.

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