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Paws 4 a cause - emergency fur baby fundraiser

Today has tried my nerves and tested my heart strength. Kaiser our nearly 13 yr old shepherd akita mix now has a right ear hematoma that has to be drained and histamine and antibiotics prescribed. We went through this several years ago before his brother passed. In addition to trying to raise funds for kovh Im going against my stubborn pride and praying i can raise the veterinarian cost to get the drainage done and meds...we're looking at between 300 and 750 dollars with 200 already raised. Its 58.00 just for the evaluation and because of his age and current health issues he is NOT a candidate for surgery, which makes medication and prayers the only realistic options. While they are not deadly, hematomas are painful and as such we can only get him in on monday as one my husband cannot miss another day of work and hes too big to have anyone help get him in not to mention kaiser is a high anxiety dog who only tolerates his family with him, and two they are not open on the setting up the appointment for monday. If you could please share this post and the associated links to donate, we would greatly appreciate it. Of course the actual estimate will be uploaded here while we are there and if we can raise the money, the receipts will be posted as well. Anything not used or raised over what we need will be returned or put towards the kovh fundraiser depending on what you prefer.

Donations should go to:

Cashapp: $kovhofficial

Venmo: @keeprvetshoused

paypal pay me: @kovhllc

The veterinary office we are taking him to is:

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