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So disappointed

I used to dread doing anything that would disappoint or cause my family any harm or shame. Yes I know that mistakes happen, and imperfect people with imperfect lives are going to always make them, but I still did my best to remain honest, genuine, clear about intentions, etc even when I was in my darkest moments. At no point even when lying would have gotten me ahead in the toughest of times or kept people in my life that I didnt want to lose, did I ever compromise my honesty.

At 48 years of age, I've seen a lot (not as much as others but still), including the evolution of dial up and AOL into what we now have, bringing with it the highs and lows, ups and downs, good and bad of the internet. Social media quickly became an amazing and affordable way to meet new people and make new friends, stay in touch with loved ones all over the world, while also allowing us to share our lives, experiences, photos and talents with a bigger audience. As much as I hate it, without it, KOVH nor all of you amazing veterans, veteran families and supporters wouldn't have been born or come into my life.

Social media has the amazing power to save change create more positive and secure futures. While I dont like thinking or talking about it, I know that it can also cause the loss of life, destroy futures, and ruin lives. It's far too easy to twist things shared or said, to manipulate views and feelings, to use our ignorance, prejudices, and personal agendas to fuel those dark things, that tend to entice and attract even more to openly participate in the same. Let me say again, at a time when so many are talking about mental health and the over #48livesaday lost to suicide, we seemingly have lil hesitation jumping on the abuse and bully train, forgetting there are two sides to every story and sometimes emotional responses and misunderstandings alter our perception.

The missions, urgent needs, and lives currently in constant play each day tend to take backseats as our feeds flood with the same high school soap operas too many of us endured in grade school. I've watched, over the years, good and honest people lose loved ones, lose their businesses and reputations, lose families and sadly their lives only for years down the road everything they said or did to be proven absolutely true. Sorry doesnt bring lost souls back, any more than it saves homes, erases jail times served for crimes they didnt actually commit, etc..When does being right or getting likes, keeping friends or building a brand, matter more than decency and humanity.

Right now we have veterans...veteran families..children of veterans, who need your time, signatures, understanding, and support to help them navigate an ongoing war they should never have had to be fighting alone. To see so many focused on so much bad, it's made me question if this is even worth losing sleep over any further, if trying to fight to raise awareness and regulation ch as nges even matters to anyone else. It's got me currently stuck in such a dark mental space.

These veterans. These families. These children, deserve better. To be fought for, to be heard, to feel supported. We should all be ashamed, because they are owed more.

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