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Step up for Vets, Veteran families need you now

One of the hardest parts of this whole movement, is to be a one family army against a well funded and regulation armed enemy. With current regulations completely failing veterans with VA mortgages, and no VA mortgage oversight to ensure that these banks and lenders are following the regulations, we now see the consequences of a country that has little respect or love for its growing veteran population.

One would think, that the vast array of special agenda driven missions, operations and full on conflicts and wars that this country has been in for as far back as the eyes can see, that the very men and women who volunteered to do what the rest f us knew we could not or wanted to do, that this special population of American heroes would be the same group that we would forever work to make sure that so long as they are on this earth, they receive the respect , support and protection that they gave us. When i say protection, i don't mean anything but the kind of protection from predatory lenders/organizations hell bent to take whatever they can from our heroes, I never imagined till we came off active duty however, that it would also refer to protection from the corporations and government that without the sacrifices and courage these men and women showed and gave, would not be enjoying the rights and freedoms nor lives that they all do today.

I hope that made sense, sometimes I get so caught up in being so passionate about the disgraceful and grotesque treatment that families like men are being subjected to. To fight for your country, to answer the call to serve each and every time you were called to duty, only to have your government and country ignore your cries for help. Ignore your cries for changes, ignore your call for your fellow countrymen to stand beside you and against the entities trying to force you to be homeless when all you want to do is work, provide for your families and keep them safe. Thats the current state of things right now.

As a direct result of the pandemic, which neither veterans nor any of us caused, we were thrown into a scary and difficult emergency, that by the grace of god, had states and the federal government (though very delayed and ill planned) jumping to action to put in place freezes on all evictions and foreclosures. A good many of us were already fighting to save our homes and find help in an empty and support less bowl of American pie. What we didn't know, because lenders with our VA mortgages in their hands, was that unlike other government backed loans, our homes were going to be put at risk as soon as those forbearences were up and lenders adhered to the guidelines they were told to adhere to, causing an additional payment to be added as a second mortgage payment ontop of the one were now opefully in a position to py. FOr many of the families I work with, we are talking about 1k+ mortgages now having an addition 1k mortgage or close to, added each month to it forcing these patriot families to now be unable to afford their loans.

On my tiktok livestreams, i have gotten the same responses by some as I have in messages and emails, including: "You should have been better with money, "You shouldn't have bought a house you couldn't afford," to "Stop looking to get a free home of the American taxpayers." Veterans, earned their respect and their right to have homes in the very country they are now trying to raise their families in. Local, state and federal organizations and governments are FAILING veterans by allowing foreclosures on A loans to be carried out, treating these national emergency postponed payments as traditional mortgage payments. Most of the veteran families are on disability, and renting in their areas (like my own family!) costs more than our mortgage! Fighting to keep our homes is the most affordable and sane action we can take. But why should we be having to?

Housing is a basic human necessity, in order to be healthy and happy, positive members of our communities and this country, every single one of us needs to have access to affordable housing in addition to medical, mental healthy care, and food. You would think it would be the job of the government at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that this is an every day assignment. After all, a government "For the People," means it represents the health, wellness, and overall well being of every single one of its citizens who work and live and call this country home. That my friends is the very essence of what so many men and women have already given their lives protecting and defending, and what even more amazingly brave men and woman have invested so much courage and strength continuing to carry that torch, defending and protecting this nation and her people from both foreign and domestic threats.

While I dont have all the answers, I do know and now have a growing following of veterans, veteran families and supporters who see what I have been saying is now true and an immediate change and new policies and regulations must be put in place before its too late. Lives...families..are all now depending on you and this. Please consider donating if you can, or contact me to see how you can help on a local level for your area. I cannot do this alone, and we cannot let them continue to win.

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