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The fight has only begun, Are you brave enough to help fight?

Fighting for regulatory and legislative changes to safeguard the homes of our veteran families is a noble and crucial endeavor. These heroes have selflessly dedicated their lives to defending our nation, often facing unimaginable hardships and sacrifices. It is our moral duty to reciprocate that dedication by ensuring their peace and stability on the homefront.

Every veteran family's home is a testament to their service and a place where countless memories are made. It's a place of refuge, a sanctuary where they can heal, grow, and build a future. Yet, far too often, these homes are at risk due to various challenges, including financial hardships and an ever-changing economic landscape.

By advocating for regulatory and legislative changes, we not only protect these homes but also uphold the promise we made to our veterans. We affirm our commitment to their well-being, acknowledging that their service does not end on the battlefield but continues in the everyday battles they face at home.

These changes can provide crucial support, from financial assistance to legal protections, that empower veteran families to maintain their homes and achieve stability. As we work toward these reforms, we send a powerful message: our veterans are not forgotten, and their sacrifices are valued and honored.

In this fight, we stand together as a community, rallying behind those who have served us so faithfully. Let us remember that the strength of a nation is measured not only on the battlefield but also in the way it cares for its veterans and their families. With unwavering determination and a shared commitment, we can ensure that no veteran family loses their home and that their sacrifices are never in vain.

To find out what you can do to help us and all of the families now represented by KOVH, send us a message or email us @

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