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Thoughts and logic behind the need to support veterans protecting our schools and kids

Without getting into politics too deeply,, it says a hell of a lot about not only the american government but the mindset and priorities of the American people when we are still having to argue and debate on why employing, training, and putting veterans in our schools is so important on multiple front. In trying to avoiding contributing to the further divide between "We the People," I'll stick to what the facts, tests, and logic is on this issue. And mind you, I am only touching the outer skin of this onion, it goes far deeper and is so much more than I will touch here.

As a mother and granddaughter to an amazing wwII veteran whom is no longer with us today, this issue regardless of where you stand on the issue of guns or veterans for that matter, is so important. Here's my thoughts:

Employing veterans in schools to help protect children from school shootings can offer several benefits:

  1. Experience in Crisis Situations: Veterans often have experience dealing with high-stress and crisis situations, which can be invaluable in the event of emergencies such as school shootings.

  2. Discipline and Training: Military training instills discipline, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Veterans can bring these qualities to school environments, enhancing security protocols and responses.

  3. Security Expertise: Many veterans have received specialized training in security and defense strategies. Their expertise can contribute to developing and implementing effective security measures within schools.

  4. Leadership Skills: Veterans often possess strong leadership skills, which can be beneficial in coordinating and leading emergency response teams or drills within schools.

  5. Crisis Management: Veterans are trained to remain calm and focused in crisis situations. This composure can be crucial during emergencies in a school setting, helping to minimize panic and ensure a more organized response.

  6. Mentorship and Role Modeling: Veterans can serve as positive role models for students, offering mentorship and guidance. Their presence can contribute to a sense of safety and stability within the school community.

  7. Team Collaboration: Veterans are accustomed to working in diverse and collaborative environments. They can effectively collaborate with school staff, local law enforcement, and other stakeholders to enhance overall security.

  8. Training Others: Veterans can play a role in training school staff, teachers, and students in emergency preparedness and response techniques, contributing to a safer school environment.

  9. Adaptability: Military service often requires adaptability to various environments and situations. Veterans can apply this adaptability to navigate the unique challenges of school settings.

  10. Contributing to Community Well-being: Hiring veterans to protect schools not only benefits the educational environment but also provides meaningful employment opportunities for those who have served their country.

By leveraging the skills, training, and experiences of veterans, schools can enhance their overall security infrastructure and create a safer environment for students, teachers, and staff. Additionally, this initiative contributes to the successful transition of veterans into civilian life by providing them with purposeful employment opportunities.

For parents, protecting our children is always an ongoing job. The last thing i know i wanted to think about, when my son was younger and in school, was that I would be sending him off to get his education with the possibility of him not ever coming back home. I realize that all it takes is another shooting for people to get fired up again, for politicians to use veterans (as always) and this issue to push their gun stance or re-election promises, but these are the generations of days to come.. generations that literally are being expected to right our wrongs, pick up where have left off and carry on.

KOVH is so proud to have crossed paths with an amazing grassroots movement that has made it its purpose, its mission to get this no brainer concept..keeping our kids safe in school..Trip and his amazing group are the ONLY group that has not only done the research and spent time analyzing the issues and problems that come with this concept, This amazing group is so passionate, educated, and determined to be the change this entire nation needs, one school and child at a time. They rely heavily on sales of their merch and their special blend of coffe to keep their daily and monthly mission and work going. If you havent already checked them out, please do! You can find them here:

The amazing thing that makes this movement so different, and s amazing, is that Trip has worked and actually creating the training program from the ground up he uses. No one, and I mean NO ONE but a veteran can understand the veteran mindset..And while over the years numeros groups, orgs and politicians have offered their ideas, concerns, passionate one sided please for control or change, I cannot find a one that has the in depth and direct action, heads on and hands on approach that this group has. When joining groups and movements like this one, when signing petitions and donating your hard earned money to nonprofits and orgs that push this issue and topic (even when their intent and hearts are in the right) please make sure that they are like this powerhouse duo, who actually are living and breathing, working and sweating out in the field doing this exact work while promoting it. Not only are they showing everyone, everywhere that this is how you do it, but its wiping out any doubts anyone else has as to how it could work. Employing veterans, giving them a new purpose in life, getting them employed addresses so many of the underlying problems that so many others are trying to address today. It really is a no brainer, and right now more than ever, they need your support.

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