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USPS Woes, Holiday addition

If you have bought anything from me via here on our site or tik to shop, please allow for missing, broken and opened packages ..I have never in my life had so many issues with packages or deliveries as I have these past few weeks. Photos coming in of items arriving very late, broken and or opened, or just flat out disappearing. If this happens, while I know I am not to blame, I promise on my soul that I will do everything I can to make it right including replacing for free. Candles especially right now, and glass etched good, are highly susceptible to the elements, and since its clear that the mail is grossly probematic, I am just going to accept this is the new norm til after the holidays and be prepared.

Thank you to everyone who has started and will continue to support KOVH and its mission to raise awareness. If you can donate, now more than ever, we need to get memberships and donations rolling in to help cover the operating expenses and postage for mailings and auction items. TOgether we can continue this fight and make a big difference!

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