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Who KOVH is and who we are not

I started KOVH in november/December of 2014 after my husband was terminated from the DoD job we came off active duty just to take. Not because he couldnt do the job or he was bad at the job, but because he was white. Yes you read that right, he and half a dozen other families over the 6 months that followed, were terminated illegally because they werent Filipino. It wasnt until january of 2015 that we began having mortgage issues, and every year since has been a hell and supportless poverty battle since.

But the grim reality for us, was that where we thought we lived im n a country that loves its veterans and their families, respected them, and would defend and protect them when it came down to it, we found lies, no support, lack of programs and resources, and countless excuses. Let me be clear, KOVH is the only movement for veteran homeowners, and is committed to 24/7 fighting to raise awareness, support, resources and change to STOP veterans and their families from LOSING their homes. There are dozens upon dozens of programs and support groups for active duty troops and homeless veterans but none to help us stop from predatory lenders and scams, outdated and ridiculous regulations and policies. During a national emergency, pauses on our mortgages were put in place with no aid or plans to actually help VA home loan holders from losing their homes. This has resulted in thousands upon thousands of homes being foreclosed on and as of today now millions and millions more at risk. The petition with our demands not only aims to raise awareness and support, but to begin immediately working on forcing policy makers, representatives at all levels and the media to listen and work on saving homes and lives. Financial distress and homelessness are huge contributors to our #44aday suicide rate. If you havent already, please consider signing and sharing this petition and showing our Patriots and their families that they matter.

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