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Now that i have your attention, KOVH Foundation Inc takes great pride in announcing its is now officially a fully legitimate nonprofit organization and we are now focusing on achieving our 501c3 status so that we can further expand our abilities and cover more ground. In addition we will also have a far better chance of securing corporate and govt donations and grants that veterans and their families can use to not only preserve their homes, but also secure the futures of their children's who very well could be the next generation of America's military.

KOVH has always been honest and clear on it's purpose and mission, as well as our commitment to protect and defend the rights and well being of this nation's veterans and their families. Now that we have one goal out of several accomplished, we are now focusing our attention on getting our 501c3 tax exempt status. In addition, KOVH is also now full speed ahead in setting up the various different fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and workshops and programs that will serve as the foundation for this foundation.

We here at KOVH Foundation Inc, have made it our mission and life purpose to get veterans and their families the support, resources, information and tools they need to navigate through an increasingly higher cost of living that far outweighs the incomes veteran families have, and hardships that life continues to through in their paths. Below is a rough look at what KOVH is putting together to take on the problems and obstacles we see as a serious threat to the very men and women who swore a never ending oath to protect the very country they struggle now to protect themselves from.


  1. Financial Education Workshops: Creating and offering workshops and seminars focused on financial literacy, budgeting, debt management, and saving strategies specifically designed for veteran families. This requires collaborating with financial experts or partner organizations to provide comprehensive training sessions.

  2. One-on-One Financial Counseling: Provide personalized financial counseling sessions where veteran families can receive tailored advice and guidance on managing their debts, creating budgets, and planning for their financial future. This can be done in-person, over the phone, or through virtual meetings, and will be a vital resource for veteran families.

  3. Debt Management Programs: Develop programs that will work to assist veteran families in consolidating or renegotiating their debts, accessing debt relief options, and developing repayment plans. Provide resources and support to navigate debt settlement negotiations with creditors, with the help of debt management professionals.

  4. Budgeting Tools and Resources: Creating and distributing budgeting tools, worksheets, and resources specifically tailored to the needs of veteran families. Offering online budgeting calculators, mobile apps, or downloadable templates to help them track expenses, set financial goals, and manage their finances effectively.

  5. Housing Assistance Programs: Offer mortgage assistance programs to help veteran families find affordable options in their state through reputable and transparent financial institutions who value these families and keeping them in their homes over profits and private agendas. We will also provide resources and support to do our part in helping to prevent homelessness and housing instability.

  6. Utility Assistance Programs: Develop programs to assist veteran families in reducing utility costs, accessing energy-saving programs, or applying for utility bill assistance programs. This will include building partnerships with various companies and agencies that can help to offer guidance on energy-efficient practices and home improvements to lower utility expenses.

  7. Employment and Income Support Services: Work with states and communities to ensure veterans and their families have access to the job training, career counseling, and employment placement assistance that will help our veteran families increase their income and financial stability, which in turn ensures they never again face the threat of foreclosure. KOVH will also offer resources and support to navigate the job market, as well as work with their local state and community conta0cts to help apply for government benefits, or access income support programs.

  8. Community Resource Referral Networks: KOVH will work tirelessly to establish partnerships with local community organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit partners to create a comprehensive, transparent, and fully vetted referral network for our veteran families. Connecting them with additional resources and support services, such as food assistance, healthcare, childcare, and transportation assistance.

  9. Peer Support and Mentorship Programs: KOVH will develop peer support groups or mentorship programs where veteran families can connect with and learn from others who have successfully managed their finances and overcome similar challenges. Provide a supportive environment for sharing experiences, insights, and practical tips for financial success.

  10. Financial Emergency Assistance Fund: Create an emergency assistance fund to provide short-term financial assistance to veteran families facing unexpected expenses, emergencies, or crises. Offer grants or loans to cover essential expenses, such as rent, utilities, medical bills, or vehicle repairs, during times of financial hardship. This will serve as a much needed "hand up" for Americas heroes and their families.

The KOVH Foundation, through these efforts will make a significant impact in helping veteran families navigate financial challenges, manage their debts, and achieve greater stability in an increasingly expensive cost of living environment. With the help of our supporters, sponsors, partnerships and stronger community and state bridges, KOVH will put veterans and their families first, making their financial, mental and physical well being a priority as should have been from the beginning. With your continued help and support we can continue to serve as guardians for Americas heroes, giving them the same protection and defense that they have given us through their brave and unwavering years of service. We as a grateful nation owe it to them, they earned it.

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