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Finding Strength in Each Other: A Message to Veteran Families

Updated: Jun 5

Dear Veteran Families,

In the heart of every household that has served this great nation, there beats a unique rhythm of courage, resilience, and unwavering dedication. You have faced the challenges of deployment, the trials of reintegration, and the silent battles that follow service. Today, we want to extend our deepest compassion and encouragement to those of you navigating times of overwhelming hardship.

Life, with its unpredictable twists and turns, often tests our strength and resolve in ways we could never have anticipated. The challenges you face might seem insurmountable, and the weight of these struggles can feel like too much to bear. But know this: you are not alone. KOVH remains committed and determined to raise the urgently needed resources, awareness and support, information campaigns and legislative and regulatory changes that must be created and made now.

KOVH's founder and her family have lived through the extremely high stress and mental health challenging hardship of fighting to stay housed. It is from their ongoing struggle to stay housed and get justice, that this post is written. To not only show we understand and support our veteran families, but how united together, we can endure and overcome any challenges that may come our way. To do so, we must remember the following:

  • First and foremost, it's essential to acknowledge the pain and difficulty you are experiencing. It's okay to feel overwhelmed, to have moments of doubt and fear. These emotions are not signs of weakness but rather human responses to extraordinarily tough circumstances. Take a moment to breathe and allow yourself to feel. It's the first step in finding a path forward.

  • The bond within veteran families is uniquely strong. You have weathered storms together before and have come out stronger each time. Now, more than ever, lean on each other for support. Open up about your fears, your frustrations, and your hopes. Let your home be a sanctuary of understanding and compassion where every member feels heard and valued.

  • Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not defeat. There are resources available designed specifically for veteran families. From counseling services and support groups to financial aid and community programs, these resources exist to support you through tough times. Don't hesitate to use them. While the biggest problem today, lies in the ability to know where these resources are and what is available, an even greater challenge is getting access to these resources and programs, and qualifying for them. It is such a disservice to those who served, to hear that you are not eligible for help simply because you didn't serve during a specific time or that your hardships is NOT service disability connected. This is why KOVH is fighting so hard to not only change these limitations to better help more veteran families in crisis, but also to create NEW programs and resources that removes those restrictions altogether.

  • In the midst of hardship, finding small moments of joy can be incredibly healing. Spend time together doing things you love, whether it's a walk in the park, a game night, or simply sharing a meal. These moments of connection can provide a respite from stress and a reminder of the love that binds you. As parents, it doesn't take much to understand why even when trying to navigate fending off foreclosure, we go out of our way to keep our children protected from these dark things and do our best to keep their lives each day as close to normal as we can. Sometimes, this is as simple as scrimping to save for a meal out, a trip to the beach, or a new toy.

  • It's important to hold on to hope, even when the road ahead seems dark. Your family's journey has been marked by incredible bravery and tenacity. This chapter, no matter how challenging, is but one part of your story. Together, you will find a way through. There will be brighter days ahead, filled with the same courage and resilience that has carried you this far.

  • Resilience is not about being unaffected by hardship; it's about finding the strength to rise each time we fall. Your family's history is a testament to this resilience. Draw upon the lessons learned from past challenges and trust in your ability to overcome the current ones. Each step you take, no matter how small, is a step toward healing and hope.

To all veteran families enduring hard times, know that you are held in the highest regard and deepest compassion. Your sacrifices, your strength, and your unwavering commitment to each other and to this country are profoundly respected. Keep faith in yourselves and in each other. Together, you can navigate these hardships and emerge even stronger. We here at KOVH firmly believe this country has failed to protect and support you and your families when you face such difficult and tough times. Resources, programs and access to vital information and rights have fallen short of being readily available and properly funded time after time. We should not have to choose between a medical emergency and paying our mortgages, any more than anyone who put their lives on the line for this nation, should ever have to face homelessness simply because there are no special programs on the federal or state level to help them keep their homes. It is our promise to you, to spend each day continuing to spread our messages and information, to try and gain support and fight for the changes that need to be made today.

With heartfelt encouragement and unwavering support,

The entire KOVH Foundation and our loyal supporters

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