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For Immediate Release:

Keep Our Vets Housed (KOVH) proudly emerges as the nation's first and only movement and organization dedicated solely to stopping all veteran foreclosures, preventing future foreclosures, and providing unwavering support directly to veterans and their families. KOVH passionately advocates for vital and immediate changes to policies and regulations that directly impact veteran housing, aiming to foster a society that honors and protects those who have bravely served our country.

Our veterans and their families have exemplified the highest levels of courage, defending our freedom and safeguarding our way of life. It is our duty as a grateful nation to ensure that their sacrifices are not in vain. However, the alarming prevalence of veteran foreclosures (especially thanks to the COVID19 pandemic forbearance), has cast a dark shadow on the lives of these brave heroes and their families. As a nation, we owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to our veterans for both their bravery, courage, dedication and sacrifices. Yet, currently, a growing number of veterans and their families are now facing significant challenges in finding the support and help they need to keep their homes and off the streets. These challenges, combined with the lack of regulations and resources to keep their homes and get their lives back on track, result in the heartbreaking reality of foreclosure.

Keep Our Vets Housed has made the decision to take a stand against this crisis, give this nation's heroes a voice and the support and respect they deserve, while fighting to bring about lasting change. Driven by it's powerful vision, KOVH is focused on eradicating veteran foreclosures while creating an environment where every veteran and their family can keep their homes, while leveraging our collective knowledge, expertise, and unwavering commitment to help build communities that uplifts and safeguards those who so bravely served this nation.

The key objectives of Keep Our Vets Housed are as follows:

1. END all Veteran foreclosures: KOVH is committed and determined to put an end to the nightmare and devastating threat of foreclosure. Through strategic efforts, legal support, and community initiatives, we aim to create a future where no veteran faces the devastating loss of their home due to financial hardships.

2. PREVENT Future Foreclosures: Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, KOVH strives to prevent the possibility of future foreclosures. This can be achieved through access to the necessary resources, programs, and support systems these veterans need, which will help to ensure their long term housing stability.

3. SUPPORT Veterans and their families: KOVH understands all too well that addressing the various housing challenges goes beyond foreclosure prevention. Working with communities, and the various levels of government, we can ensure that the programs and resources for veterans and their families, are not only properly funded, but easier to access as well. This will include working with the various mental health, employment opportunities, healthcare, and education providers and organizations to ensure that veterans have access to all the necessary tools and options necessary.

4. FIGHT for Policy Changes: Keep Our Vets Housed is at the forefront of advocating for these immediate and vital changes to regulations and policies that directly impact veteran housing. KOVH is committed to working with legislators, government agencies, and partner organizations, as we strive to create an environment that fosters affordable and sustainable solutions for veterans.

KOVH invites citizens, corporations, and advocates across the nation to join our mission and fight, and stand in solidarity with our nation's veterans and their families. Together, we can affect meaningful change and ensure that every veteran has a place to call home.

For more information on Keep Our Vets Housed, volunteering opportunities, donations, and how you can support our cause, please contact us.

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