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KOVH Foundation Mission, and goals to support Veteran families

At KOVH Foundation Inc, our mission is clear and unwavering: to end all veteran foreclosures and ensure that no veteran family ever has to endure the devastating, life-altering consequences of losing their home. For the past nine years, my family has lived in a relentless cycle of stress and uncertainty, desperately seeking help that never came, finding little compassion, and facing barriers to the few options available.

In 2014, as we navigated the early stages of our own foreclosure crisis, it became painfully clear that we were alone in this fight. Fast forward to today, after battling two lenders for nearly a decade, we are still fighting for our home. The pandemic, job losses, reduced income, and unexpected expenses like car repairs or medical bills should not be compounded by the terror of foreclosure notices taped to our doors. When the sheriff affixed bright red tape to our door, I knew I had to make a choice: surrender or fight. I chose to fight, not just for my family, but for all veteran families facing similar hardships. Thus, KOVH was born.

Despite the growing severity of this issue, many remain unaware or indifferent to the plight of veteran families, believing it doesn't affect them. But it does, as taxpayers and as a society. I've been told that petitions are futile and that our battle is unwinnable. Yet, KOVH stands as the sole movement dedicated to stopping veteran foreclosures, committed to awareness, support, and legislative change.

Though newly formed as a non-profit, KOVH has a history of aiding veterans through donations and sales of handmade items. Our goal now is to achieve 501c3 status, allowing us to secure federal grants and corporate sponsorships, enabling us to provide even greater support to veteran families in need. Our current efforts are focused on raising awareness through social media campaigns, but our determination and commitment remain steadfast: to ensure no veteran family is left without a home.

We need your continued support through likes, subscriptions, follows, donations, and merchandise purchases. Together, we can end veteran foreclosures for good and hold the US government and mortgage lenders accountable. Join us in this crucial mission to prioritize our brave veterans and their families over corporate and political interests.

Join us! Help stop veteran foreclosures

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