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Make a difference Monday

Here at KOVH every Monday will now be "Make A Difference Monday." While every day we should all be doing just that, I figure that Mondays are especially the perfect day to remind everyone of this very thing because its the start of a brand new week. What better way to start your work week than by helping someone in need or making someone smile. Its not always about spending money, sometimes its as simple as just texting a loved one or friend, calling a family member you haven't spoken with for a while, or maybe even seeing if you can put your skills and talents to use in your communities by volunteering to help with, organize, or fix something! Its hard to believe that even something as simple as holding a door open for a stranger could honestly be the difference between wanting to give up and wanting to pass on the warm oozy feeling you get when someone randomly reminds you that we aren't all cold and unfeeling. I challenge everyone to start their week off right, by trying to make even the smallest of difference in someone's life. Maybe if we make it a point to do so, the positive feelings and changes that will ensue, will be passed on and around til we radiate humanity, decency, and hope from one coast to the next.

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