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Poem For our Veterans and their Families - Anonymous

In the quiet of the night, beneath the stars' gentle gleam,

Lies a solemn vow, a promise, a steadfast dream.

For those who've braved the battlefields, their courage tried and true,

We pledge to keep their hearths ablaze, their skies forever blue.

Through the storms of war and strife, they've borne the weight of pain,

Yet in their hearts, a flicker of hope, an ember that remains.

Their valor, like a beacon, guides us through the darkest night,

As we stand beside them, unwavering, in the fight for what is right.

For every veteran and their kin, a home, a sanctuary sure,

Where love and peace can flourish, where dreams can endure.

No more shall they wander, homeless, lost in the fray,

But find solace in the shelter we provide, come what may.

With each brick laid, each roof raised, we honor their sacrifice,

Ensuring they'll never face the bitter chill of vice.

For they've given all they had, their spirits undeterred,

Deserving of a haven, a place to be secured.

So let us join hands, hearts united, in this noble quest,

To keep our veteran families housed, in peace and rest.

For in their resilience lies a story, a testament to grace,

And it's our duty, our privilege, to ensure they find their place.

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