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Prayer for Veteran Families experiencing hard times

Almighty One, whose compassion knows no bounds,

Look upon our veteran families with grace profound.

In the trials of hardship and the shadows of despair,

Grant them strength and solace, your loving care.

For those who've served with valor, whose sacrifices run deep,

Wrap them in your embrace, their restless spirits keep.

Guide them through the storms, when hope seems far away,

Illuminate their path, lead them to brighter days.

In times of struggle, when burdens weigh heavy on their hearts,

Be their refuge, their sanctuary, where healing starts.

Provide for their needs, both seen and unseen,

And shower upon them blessings unforeseen.

For the spouses, the children, who stand by their side,

Grant them courage and resilience, let them never hide.

May they find comfort in each other's embrace,

And strength to endure, by your boundless grace.

We lift up our prayers for these families in need,

That they may find relief, in word and in deed.

And in the midst of adversity, may they see your light,

Guiding them through darkness, into dawn's bright sight.

Bless our veteran families, O Compassionate One,

In their struggles and triumphs, may your will be done.

And may they find peace in your eternal embrace,

Forever upheld by your unending grace. Amen.

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