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Shame! The Department of Veteran Affairs and wealthy politicians are continuing to fail veterans and their families...

This morning I woke up to another news article written by NPR, something they have done numerous times in the past, on the issue of the VA and its obvious failure to support and protect veterans and their families who have VA home loans. If you have been following KOVH from the beginning, you know that this hits home for me and my family. Literally fighting to keep our home here in Southern California not because we wanted to, but because the rental options between Dave's work and 2 hours out were far higher than our mortgage which was at 4%. I say was because after a loan modification that we finally just got our income up to qualify for, now has us sitting at 6.875%. Our mortgage payment has gone from 1900 and some odd dollars a month just a few dollars short of 3k a month from the fight just to not be homeless.

I've written this post a dozen times in the past 24 hours and opted to instead state the facts and post the article. The facts are this that cannot be disputed. The forbearances and programs that were in place would have benefitted veterans and their families had it not been for the failure to ensure that ALL VA home loans were protected and had options. Not just for the pandemic, lord knows my family was fighting for our right to stay housed and keep our home since 2015 and were over 70k behind (thanks to regulations and two lenders) only to balloon to over 130+k courtesy of the pandemic. Offering forbearances, and in many cases sliding veteran families into these special forbearances while legislation and regulations that were in place did not account for this pandemic nightmare, much less any real all inclusive plans for these families who put it all on the line time after time every time they were called upon,

On May31st, the final forbearance for veterans, active duty and spouses will end leaving all of us who had to take a high interest loan modification loan to keep our homes, will not also not qualify for the new restricted and lacking VASP program BUT if we struggle and fall behind on these new higher interest modified loan payments, we are guaranteed no further help and will in fact be homeless. For my family, 12 years of service in two branches equates to a two middle finger salute from wealthy corporate owned politicians who simply dont care. KOVH Foundation is fully committed and will run nonstop awareness campaigns and calls to immediate action by the american people to put their money where their mouth is, and stand beside veteran families. Please help us stand up for these families, by following our social media accounts, donating to KOVH, signing our petition, sharing our posts and helping us to raise awareness..

Here is the NPR article, I have been unable to get anyone to contact me back

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