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Sunday night thoughts

With the threat of a federal shutdown putting my family and millions of others at risk of homelessness once again, I cannot form whole positive thoughts as i play in my head over and over how my family got into this position and my promise to fight as hard as i could to get things changing so other families don't have to feel, endure, or suffer through all that we have had to. On social media especially, there are so many who go on and on about mental health and the 48+ veteran lives lost each day to suicide. However, very few are working to address and take on the core problems that directly contribute to the increasing number of American heroes who take their lives.

If we do not start being more vocal and proactive..if we do not start standing up against these injustices, veterans and their families will lose a whole lot more than their homes. There has never been a better time than right now to join the movement and support kovh.

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