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Tuesday Truth Talk

Social situations, including doing videos, live sales and livestreams in general, are my absolute most biggest struggle. It's been that way for so long, regardless of how important the objective, mission, or goal is. I honestly don't think people understand how crippling the fear of social interactions can be, for anyone who isn't a social butterfly.

Keep Our Vets Housed is vital to the Veteran community and its veterans and their families, because we are the only existing movement and platform fully committed to being the voice, support, and activism in a one sided war to keep veterans in their homes and off our city streets. As far as I have come over the last few years, I still have so far to go but I am trying and that has to count for something. Many who haven't followed our story from the beginning, fail to understand that my own veteran family is battling our battle to keep our home. I never once thought it would be this hard to come out of a series of horrible life events that turned our lives upside down. There are so many days when it feels like the entire world is against us, The fear of answering the door or phone, the dread you feel every time you check emails or get your mail from the box. It's a horrible, fear filled, stomach churning feeling that never really goes away. It can't, until one way or another you know if you're going to keep your home or be added to the homeless population.

Families like mine, have stories and voices, and those voices and stories have to matter. It takes each and every one of us to make this country thrive or break, we have that kind of power with or without the government. The same government that sees what is going on, and still finds billions to send to other countries, while our beloved veterans and their families, who served this country so that we could enjoy the rights and freedoms we have, could be enjoyed and in tact so that our children and generations to come could enjoy the same. It's mind boggling to me, how difficult it is to not further punish families who were/are already struggling so much just to get by, could be forced to fight so hard against wealthy banks, lenders, and investors just to have the right to continue paying on their homes. But that is where we are at, fighting a war here at home on our own soil, but our information and weapons to be able to defend ourselves and our families, are seriously lacking...simply because our enemy, has the power to drag things out, add on excessive fees and paperwork, making this fight even more complex and costly than it started out as.

KOVH is committed to this cause and mission, one way or another we will get the changes, resources and support to these families, and ensure that no family ever has to go through what we have ever again. Thank you for your continued support!

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